“Run, run, run before they get you, when the moon is bright, it’s Halloween tonight! “

This Halloween was so much fun! We travelled to a magical world where three children got locked out of a huge house full of sweets. By dancing, singing, and learning the verses of the song, the students in Primary were able to unlock the house to get their sweets!



In our Science lessons we explored the senses, we made potions, and we learned more about our blood.

This year we added story telling to our Halloween week, the students heard the teachers tell dramatic stories and they even wrote their own incredible short stories, what talented young writers we have!

On Friday our cute little pupils came to school with their homemade spooky face masks! What a fright we had when we saw them at 9:00!

It’s been fun and we have learned so much! See you next year!

Halloween 2020 Vídeo





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Last Wednesday, 30th October, we celebrated the spookiest and most terrifying night of the year: Halloween! But the theme this year, Hogwarts and the magical worlds of Harry Potter, meant that our students from Gondomar School were looking forward to enjoying and diving into this bewitched event without being afraid at all.

Our gym was transformed into Hogwarts castle itself, artistically recreating the classrooms and subjects from the famous saga of books and films: Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, Divination, the Forbidden Forest and the Quidditch pitch. In each area, Primary students could do different magical activities and games which were masterfully conducted by our 6th Primary students, accompanied by some of Hogwarts teachers.

Thanks to the annual costume contest we witnessed wizards, witches, sorcerers and all kinds of magical creatures or horrifying monsters. Even the Dark Lord and followers of You-Know-Who made an appearance! We could also observe curious characters in the hall of portraits in the staircase, as well as participate in the Honeydukes sweet shop contest and Ollivanders wand contest, whose winners were awarded a well-deserved prize.

We hope you spent a very magical Halloween and, on behalf of Gondomar School and the English Department, we would like to thank you all for your enthusiasm, participation and involvement in the event.

If you didn't have the opportunitty to join us or would like to enjoy the experience again, click on the video below to live the magic of Hogwarts at Gondomar School.

You can see it below or click on the following link.

The Magic of Howarts at Gondomar School.


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Dear families and friends,

Gondomar School is proud to announce that all Primary students have received a very special letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to celebrate the most magical night of the year: Halloween.

Last Friday, 4th October, a parliament of owls was seen flying over Galapagar to deliver the same letters that years ago Harry Potter himself received. This time, the envelopes contained an invitation for students and their families printed on the Marauder’s Map (to find your way around the corridors and magical classrooms into which our gym will be transformed) and the chance to enter a wand competition held by Ollivander’s Wandmakers.

Our students were delighted to discover that they will become little wizards and witches for one evening, and even more when their English teachers explained about all the magical knowledge they will be learning as a sorcerer’s apprentice: how to cast a spell or a charm, brew a potion in a cauldron, defeat magical creatures and beasts in the Forbidden Forest, or even play quidditch flying on a Nimbus 2000 broomstick!

You may also find the Herbology greenhouse and the Divination classroom, as well as Honeydukes sweet shop and the chance to win some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, and many more surprises! But please, beware of dark magic – He Who Must Not Be Named might make an appearance on such a haunted and spooky night!

Although Hogwarts does not normally accept muggles (non-magical people) on their grounds, this time parents and families are definitely invited to participate in the party. We look forward to seeing you in your best magical robes and garments – or any other Halloween costume of your choice! (Invisibility cloaks are not allowed).

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate this magical event on Wednesday, 30th October, at 3:00 p.m., in the gym. Save the date for 2019 Gondomar’s Halloween in Hogwarts party!


Estimadas familias y amigos:

El Colegio Gondomar se enorgullece de anunciar que todos sus estudiantes de Primaria han recibido una carta muy especial del Colegio Hogwarts de Magia y Hechicería para celebrar la noche más mágica del año: Halloween.

El pasado viernes 4 de octubre, una bandada de lechuzas fue avistada sobrevolando Galapagar para entregar las mismas cartas que años atrás recibió el mismo Harry Potter. Esta vez, los sobres contenían una invitación para los estudiantes y sus familias impresa en el Mapa del Merodeador (para no perderte por los pasillos y aulas mágicas en los que se transformará nuestro gimnasio) y la oportunidad de participar en un concurso de varitas organizado por Ollivander’s, el famoso fabricante de varitas.

Nuestros estudiantes estuvieron encantados al descubrir que se convertirán en pequeños magos y brujas durante una tarde, y todavía más cuando sus profesoras de inglés les explicaron toda la sabiduría mágica que adquirirán como aprendices de hechiceros: cómo lanzar un hechizo o encantamiento, preparar una poción en un caldero, combatir criaturas y bestias mágicas en el Bosque Prohibido, ¡o incluso jugar al quidditch volando en una escoba Nimbus 2000!

También podréis encontrar el invernadero de Herbología y la clase de Adivinación, así como la tienda de dulces Honeydukes y la posibilidad de ganar unas Grageas de Bertie Bott de todos los sabores, ¡y muchas sorpresas más! Pero por favor, tened cuidado con las artes mágicas oscuras; ¡El Que No Debe Ser Nombrado podría hacer una aparición en una noche tan encantada y espeluznante!

Aunque Hogwarts normalmente no acepta muggles (gente no-mágica) en sus terrenos, esta vez los padres y las familias están sin duda invitados a participar en la fiesta. Estamos deseosos de veros con vuestras mejores túnicas y atuendos mágicos; ¡o cualquier otro disfraz de Halloween de vuestra elección! (No se permiten capas de invisibilidad).

Esperamos que nos acompañéis para celebrar este evento mágico el miércoles 30 de octubre, a las 15:00, en el gimnasio.

¡Apuntad esta fecha en vuestras agendas para la fiesta de Halloween en Hogwarts del Colegio Gondomar!

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